The Story So Far...

Hi, I’m Alan Strachan. I’ve been a personal trainer for 27 years and I own Gym55 in Hamilton.

My vision for 55Games came from competing in many fitness competitions for the last 20 years all over the UK. I always wondered why Scotland didn’t have its own fitness competition. After years of running countless in-house events at Gym55, I gradually developed ideas and strategies to explore whether local gyms and teams wanted to compete against each other. I wanted to develop my in-house competitions into something bigger.


Last year, in the summer of 2021, my vision officially became 55Games.

I sourced a remarkable team with exceptional skills and we launched our first competition in August 2021. The inaugural 55 Summer Games was a huge success. No-one could have predicted the thirst from athletes and spectators for more…. a few months later, we hosted our second consecutive competition… The Winter Games, 2022.

The Winter Games was a spectacular and dynamic event, matching and surpassing expectations of the previous event. Taking place in the second last weekend in January, we were wholly dependent on the weather Gods being kind… and we were thankfully blessed. The standard of athletes, competition and sheer electricity of the day blew everyone away. Athletes, spectators, and our dedicated team were all in awe of the extraordinary energy over the weekend of absolutely outstanding competition. We knew we’d become part of something special.  It became impossible not to move forward.

The 55 Summer Games Festival 2022 will be our third consecutive event in 2 years and we can’t wait to see what it brings. Bringing the Games to our local football ground, Hamilton Academical stadium, takes 55Games to the next level.

I’d like to give massive thanks to all involved, past and present, in 55 Games. Without each and every individual who has contributed, 55 Games would not be what it is today. Without an incredible team, it was only an idea.  

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